• Car wraps: Best Bet for Small Business
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    Posted on: March 13, 2018

    Small business owners have numerous challenges. One key challenge is getting out the message about their products or services. They will work very hard to build a company, secure locations, pick the best employees, and even acquire the required business permits. But once the business is open, no one knows about the company or the products. 

    Even though it’s not easy to secure clients, there are many simple and affordable ways to make your business known, especially to the local community. One of the easiest ways to have your business known is through vehicle wraps. A car wrap is an advertisement method that outshines many traditional methods. Actually, it is the best bet for any small business owner. 

    Why Should You Invest in Vehicle Wraps?

    When people think about a business advertisement, most of them will see radio, television, printouts or the internet. You can spend a lot of money on these methods of advertisement and get 0% local response.

    A car wrap is affordable, easy, and your car can work for you 24/7. According to several studies, 91 percent of potential clients who saw a car with a custom advertisement can remember the name of the company or the products it offers. The percentage is lower on other methods of advertisement which are very expensive. 

    What Are the Benefits Of Car Wrap Form of Advertisement?

    • Lots of impressions – According to research, car advertisement can reach more than 80,000 impressions. A car wrap can reach more people than television, radio or billboards. 
    • Car wrap is noticeable – A lot of people say advertisements on cars are more noticeable, memorable and cause people to take action faster than other methods. 
    • Affordable – A good marketer will always look at impressions and amount of money to spend. Even though there are many forms of advertisement that can provide millions of impressions, you will have to spend a lot of money. A car wrap is the only way to spend less and achieve more. 
    • Local targeting – Parking or driving a wrapped car around your business area can improve awareness among residents, people who attend school and pedestrians. 

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