• How to Make Yard Signs for Advertising
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    Posted on: February 21, 2018

    Perhaps you have been incurring huge advertising costs yet you hardly achieve the intended advertising goal. You’ve been constantly wondering which advertising solution can realize your advertising goals in an effective but affordable way. Well, you need to look no further. What you need is really simple — yard signs.

    As much as we are in a digital era, yard signs are still popular in the advertising world. Yard signs can easily tap into the attention of your target audience thus help advertise your business.

    This article informs readers on how to make yard signs for advertising.

    1. Be Precise

    Having precise information on a yard sign is key for successful advertising. If the yard sign is meant to promote a new product, let it be purely that. Remember to state the exact product and other relevant details. For instance, you can very briefly state when it will be officially launched.

    1. Use Minimum Text

    In close connection with the first point is using minimum text. The main aim of using a yard sign is to communicate a relevant message. There is something specific you want to advertise your business. The rule of the thumb, in this case, is to use the minimum amount of words. If the yard sign appears to be cluttered, people will ignore it. Try as much as possible to limit the advert to a few words that convey the intended message in a straightforward manner.

    1. Use Large and Bold Fonts

    If the advertising message on the yard sign is written in small fonts, it will be hard for people to read it. Use relatively large and bold fonts to make the advert readable.

    1. Use the Right Colors

    Colors are everything in advertising. Use colors that majority of the target customers can easily distinguish. Otherwise, your advertising efforts using yard signs will be a total waste of time.  The trick here is to employ contrasting colors or bold colors that emphasize your advertising intentions.

    1. Use a Design Template

    In most cases, you don’t need to engage an artist or a graphic designer to design a simple yard sign. You can use a design template to create and customize a sign. The sign can be made in a way that integrates your business logo and other graphics that you find appropriate to include.

    In wrapping up, yard signs represent an advertising method that is not only effective but also affordable. If well designed, yard signs can enable your business to stand out in the market.

    If you want to make unique and creative yard signs for advertising your business, contact Rock Signs & Graphics for professional advice and support.