• Make Sure Your Lobby Sign Does Its Job
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    Posted on: March 06, 2018

    Most people look at lobby signs and fail to realize the importance of interior signage. They are essential for organizations and businesses located in big office complexes. Business owners should strive to have high-quality lobby signs to effectively brand their company. In addition, it assists clients to know your location. 

    Benefits of Lobby Signs

    Lobby signs have various benefits, the main being:

    • Keep traffic moving, the last thing any business owner wants is to have people crowded staring at a mall map. This means that good lobby signs are useful in keeping traffic on the go.
    • Direct clients to the location of your business. Lobby signs can be helpful in providing the required direction to business premises. 
    • It is a strong indication of professionalism. Lobby signs that have been properly designed and put up portray businesses as professional and that the owner is concerned about details. 

    The following are some insightful tips on how to make sure your lobby sign does its job:

    1. Appropriate Materials

    This is an important step in making a good lobby sign. However, the brand message has to be very clear from the onset. This is because it will influence the construction material for the lobby sign. 

    1. The Correct Size

    A good and highly effective lobby sign needs to be large enough to be easily read from a distance away. However, the size should not be excessively large to obscure the brand’s meaning. The shape is also key as it influences clients. Lobby signs indicate the seriousness of sharp edges. On the other hand, curves are an indication of calm and comfort. Aim for any of the two depending on your nature of a business and how you want the company portrayed.

    1. Colors

    Selection of the appropriate color for your lobby signs is important. You should strive to match the color scheme of your brand with a good color. This will go a long way in imprinting the name of your company as well as its message to potential clients.

    The tips above are not exhaustive as there are many more ways by which good graphic designers for indoor signage can make your lobby sign to do its intended job well. 

    Rock Signs & Graphics Will Get the Job Done

    Lobby signs are the first impression when visitors come to your office. It is essential that they are properly designed so that they adhere to all the good standards.

    Contact Rock Signs & Graphics today. Our competent and reliable staff will make sure that your lobby signs do their job.