• Mounted Prints Are Great for Doctors’ Offices
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    Posted on: June 07, 2017

    If you are a doctor or nurse practitioner, you’re probably already aware that some of your patients get nervous when they come to you for an appointment. Whether it’s their yearly physical or an urgent appointment for an ear infection, they may not want to come in.

    But what’s a good way to calm their nerves? Mounted prints can help your patients, new and returning alike, feel less anxious upon entering your office. They can be scenic, abstract or simple colors, making them eye-catching and soothing to look at. Learn more about how mounted prints can help both you and your patients.

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    A Scenic Vista Calms Patients

    Imagine you are a patient worried about what the doctor will say concerning a test result. If you are in a room with four bare white walls, you might get even more tense. But imagine instead if you are looking at a beautiful ocean vista, or a lush tropical rainforest. You would probably feel at least a little better. These are just a few examples of what mounted prints can look like, if you wanted to go with the “scenic route.”

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    Abstract Prints are Intriguing

    If you wanted to go with a more modern or contemporary look, perhaps abstract mounted prints would be a good choice for your office. These are not like the landscapes described above. Instead, they have patterns and designs on them that are not concrete or found in nature. Their calming effect may not be as obvious, but if you choose a design with cool, serene colors with a soothing pattern, your patients will feel more at ease.

    Simple Colors Can Also Soothe

    Maybe you don’t want a landscape, but you don’t want an abstract design either. Well, you could always go with simple and calming colors on your mounted print.  Dark green and earth tones are known to soothe people, so those might be a good choice. Stay away from red, which evokes passion and anger, and black, which is symbolic of grief in Western culture.

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    Choose the Right Size

    If you are placing your mounted prints in a small office, be mindful of your space restrictions and plan accordingly with the design. On the other hand, if you want to put them in a hospital hallway, bigger could be better.

    Get Mounted Prints for Your Medical Practice Today

    Now that you’ve learned about some different styles of art for mounted prints, don’t hesitate to give Rock Signs and Graphics a call. We are your mounted prints source. Contact us now to get a free quote.