Electrical Cabinet Signs

Cabinet Signs

Want a traditional approach to grab attention for a new retail space, or looking to update your storefront? A Cabinet Sign is the right solution for you. These signs are economic, as they are built to last a long time. Cabinet Signs are found on the exterior of a building and are installed by mounting the sign either directly to the building or on a pole.

Also known as lightbox signs, there are options to change the shape and color to achieve maximum impact for any brand’s logo. Our professionals start with a sturdy aluminum frame, adding the wording and polycarbonate front to achieve the best look for your store.

Stand Out with your Design

  • Keep it simple. While it can be tempting to try to put every word of your brand right at the front of your store, it is much better to put the right information. Choosing wording that gets to the point with the name and slogan of your brand will bring in customers without overwhelming them.
  • The right graphics. By choosing a simple graphic, you can communicate what you have to offer without overpowering your brand name. A good graphic will have colors that complement your brand and show what services or products you have to offer.
  • The colors of your sign should stand out among the crowd and grab attention. Using colors that contrast one another will add more readability and intrigue without affecting how powerful your sign is.