• The Basics of ADA Signs
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    Posted on: March 26, 2018

    ADA is an acronym that stands for Americans With Disabilities Act. This law was passed by the Federal Government of the United States and was aimed at protecting the disabled from discrimination. Through this act, the disabled can easily and effectively find their way and easily gain access to the areas they desire.

    ADA signs may be used in the interior or exterior setting.

    Interior Setting

    Directions or labels. In this setting, such as restrooms, rooms, elevators and floor numbers, may have this ADA signages. They may include braille for the visually impaired.

    Exterior Setting

    As the word suggests, the signage can be used in areas like the parking stands and entrances to buildings so that the less disabled who may use utilities like wheelchairs may access it effortlessly.

    The location of these signs is very important. It should be placed at a height that is distinguished, easy to read, accessible for touch and easy to comprehend.

    Factors to Consider

    • Size — A minimum size has been provided by the authorities. It is stipulated that a 5/8th of an inch is considered and should not compile with braille to avoid confusion to the disabled persons.
    • Colors — can also be an issue of contention, especially for the color blind. It is thereby difficult to distinguish between colors. It is primary that you choose a signage manufacturer that will help you come up with an excellent ADA sign which complies with rules and regulations of the government.
    • The fonts — are also a consideration for the same. It is recommended that the sans-serif one is used as it is simple and has no designed edges.
    • Kerning — refers to the spacing between letters. ADA has specific guidelines on the spacing of the characters. You must ensure that the characters are well distributed in the ample space provided.

    There are specific rules that have been set up by the authority ensure uniformity when it comes to size and the appearance (color and their reflective ability) of this type of sign. 

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