• Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Building Signs for Your Business
    Posted on: February 08, 2018

    Choosing a commercial building sign seems easy – until you come across the numerous options available.

    For the typical business, signs advertise the company’s existence. Besides the public display, signs are good for directing visitors around the workplace and keeping them away from the off-limit areas. This guide will help you in choosing the right sign. Think of it as a cheat sheet to choosing the right sign for your business. They say you can’t be armed with too much information.

    The Design Stage

    In businesses, cash flow is tight. You don’t want to spend your financial resources on a sign that won’t last long. First things first, ask yourself where the typical viewer will be viewing the sign from. You’ll be in a better position to consider factors such as the sign’s height, type of lighting and what times of the day is the sign most effective.

    Keep wear and tear in mind. Signs are affected by many things – from improper handling to adverse weather conditions. Ensure the appropriate material is used. If you’re not sure how long a specific material lasts on average, look at the warranty indicated on the quote. They’re pretty close.

    You’re now in the know. What excuse will you have for compromising on durability?

    On Updates

    Do you expect to make changes to the sign over time (think adjusting prices)? You’re better off choosing a sign that is easily updateable. Ask for a sign that can be easily updated by your untrained staff. It’s your best bet. Well, unless you don’t mind routine update trips to the signage company.

    Is There a Ready-Made Option?

    Although the best signs are custom made, your business may be in a field that has standard signs. For example, if you run a warehouse, lab or retail store, go for the pre-made signs. There’s no need of reinventing the wheel. Besides, you’ll save a few bucks. And money is one thing we can never get enough of.

    Magnets Are Your Friend

    Do your employees use the company car or truck for personal transportation after business closure? Get magnetic signs instead. They’re easy to stick and remove. Your employees will love you for this.

    Providing Real-Time Promotions to Passersby

    If you frequently run promotions, electronic message signs are the most effective at getting the message across. You can update them remotely at your convenience too. They come in different sizes and styles. You will find the perfect one. The marquee text is my favorite one as it gives businesses vast advertising real estate.

    If you ever feel overwhelmed by the many choices, talk to the guys at Rock Signs & Graphics. We’re the masters of the game.