• Wall Graphics: How They Work and Why Your Business Should Use Them
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    Posted on: May 01, 2017

    If you want a brand-new wall design that’s made-to-order, involves zero paint, and is removable, you need to consider wall graphics.

    These types of applications are great alternatives to permanent fixtures like signage and branding.

    New, innovative printing techniques with modern technology give your wall graphics a clean, crisp, professional look. They’ll also look just as good as any other sign.

    The Benefits of Using Wall Graphics Instead of Paint

    To put it simply, wall graphics are an easier, faster, less messy solution than painting. You’ll get a fantastic look that adds the “wow” to your storefront or offices that you’ve been looking for.

    1. They’re More Cost-Effective: Say you want a big, beautiful mural on your wall from floor to ceiling. Having a professional muralist come in and paint it for you would end up costing a fortune. A cheaper alternative, naturally, is to get a wall graphic instead.
      For such a large installation, you’ll have to have the pros do it for you, but it will still cost less than a custom mural, and you’ll get the same impact.
    2. There’s No Drying Time: With wall decals and graphics, there’s no drying time. You don’t have to wait for it to “set,” because once they’re up, you’re done.
      This also means you get to skip out on harsh paint fumes and the mess of paint cans, splatters, and tarps. Plus, instead of having to close your storefront for painting, you can stay open.
    3. You Won’t Have to Hire Contractors: No painting means no contractors to contend with. There will be no need to get different price quotes, check references, and deal with a messy job.
    4. You Can Get Any Design You Can Dream Up: If you can dream it, it can be printed on a vinyl wall decal. Modern technology means printing methods and techniques are better than ever. They’re high-quality, even at the largest sizes.  This means your graphics will look professional and pack a huge punch. The visual impact and design they will add to your storefront can’t be underestimated.
    5. You Can Get a Hand-Painted Look: If you still covet the look of a hand-painted mural, you can get it with wall graphics. Your design can be any style you want. With modern printing, your graphics can absolutely look custom hand-painted or drawn. You can even take your own drawings or art and turn them into graphics – the sky is the limit.

    Wall Graphics: A Faster, Simpler Alternative to Painting

    For an alternative to traditional, boring painted walls, get a big, bold graphic that expresses your brand message. Choose something that speaks to your customers and looks beautiful and striking. It’s a great way to add punchy design to your business, and it’s a lot faster and more cost-effective than painting.

    For wall graphics with “Pow!” and pizzazz, count on the experts at Rock Signs.